At IYA we value self improvement for businesses.

The journey is the place for everyone to test himself in every aspect of life. The ability to create social relationships, the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to get out of difficult situations, and especially the inability to get out of the comfort zone for unknown area and know how to handle yourself.

The youth trip is to show maturity and responsibility, to show that you have reached the next stage, to show that you can meet all the requirements and advance.  The purpose of the trip to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. Some journeys presents an exciting challenge-program participants take the initiative for a specific purpose in an unfamiliar environment.

The Organization, planning, training and implementation require teamwork and encourage self-confidence, determination and collaboration. To encourage additional personal abilities development of environmental awareness and understanding of the importance of protecting the environment.

Journeys require initiative and imagination: proactive training, theoretical and practical, that lead to the ability to travel safely around the team thought, attention to detail and organizational capacity during the planning and preparation of leadership and teamwork in the various requirements: Bronze level: 24 km legs one night in each area, the food cooking in the silver level: Walkabout of 54 km, 2-3 nights accomadation